The new Odyssey

Patrick Kingsley, 2016
Guardian Faber Publishing

Between 2014 and 2016, 1,5 million crossed the Mediterranean in dodgy boats. In 2015, more than 850.000 left turkish shores. This is only 0,2 percent of total population of 500 million in Europe.
Lebanon houses well over 1 million of roughly 4.5 million total population.

11. Their voyages through the Sahara, the Balkans, or across the Mediterranean - on foot, on holds of wooden fishing boats, and on the backs of Land Cruisers, are almost as epic as that of classical heroes such as Aeneas and Odysseus. Just as both those ancient men fled a conflict in the Middle East and sailed across the Aegean - so too will many migrants today. Today's sirens are the smugglers with their empty promises of safe passage, the violent border guard a contemporary cyclops.

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